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prezentuje prostą i łatwą instrukcję naturalnej nieinwazyjnej metody molekularnej w dermovisceralnej (skórno-wewnętrznej) biocybernetycznej klawiterapii w zapobieganiu poprzez stymulację (bodżcowanie) w naturalny sposób 1100-u jednostkom chorobowym za pomocą odpowiednich algorytmów i sieci czynności do właściwych jednostek chorobowych. Wybierając właściwą jednostkę chorobową, za pomocą otrzymanego sposobu zapobiegania i zwalczania choroby, w szybki i łatwy sposób możesz poprawić własny stan zdrowia i swoich bliskich, bez potrzeby wykupywania drogich leków...

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Molecular method in the dermovisceral biocybernetic clavitherapy (non-invasive)


The proper anatomy and physiology including human Pathomorphology I research since 1956, when I assisted in the dissecting room of the Ist Regional Military Hospital in Warsaw, Nowowiejska str. Since 1960 I am actively interested in Biocybernetics. Even then I took an active part in trainings conducted by Prof. Henry Greniewski, who was elected during the General Founding Meeting held in 1962 for Secretary General and Prof. Oskar Lange became the President. Why did not I decided to study medicine at the Medical University? - That time, there wasn't any researches on psychogenic conditioning of human reflexology, biocybernetics at the medical universities in Poland. At that time I was fascinated with the researches conducted by Nobel Laureate, Prof. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, which can be considered as the first serious scientific definition of reflexology in clinical neurophysiology. Prof. Ivan P. Pavlov is a pioneer in the study of reflexes in the nerve fibers, making a major contribution to the development of the topography of the brain centers. Especially I was interested in psychogenic determinants of human and animal life, and in the process of teaching / learning. The fascination with Ivan Pavlov's studies made me take up studies at the Faculty of Psychology and Education at the University of Warsaw, where I specialized in resocialization emotional personality disorders of socially unadapted youth. In those years I also developed educational material position to an extremely effective learning habits, kind of "transferring" model habits from the driver-instructor brain to the student's brain by the biocybernetic method of conditioning in training car drivers under laboratory conditions and in actual traffic. - Refer to the car in the form of a tandem in control, training stimulator and the method of teaching by using partial progression in real conditions. These problems constituted the doctoral dissertation, on “Modelling habits in occupational features ", based on example of drivers training in terms of pedagogical-psychological, neurophysiological and biocybernetic. For this purpose I developed and made tangible learning environment, illustrated with photographs and described on the website: www.klawiterapia.com.

Since that time I examine, collect, and I have a very rich set of points and biologically active areas in molecular dermovisceral biocybernetic clavitherapy, which I arranged in 1100 algorithms and network of activities in various emotional, psychological, neurosis, psychotic, psychosomatic, infectious, septic disorders as well as useful in the liquidation of cancers at an early stage of development. In March 2004 the 3rd edition of the manuals “Clavitherapy” („Klawiterapia”) and “Atlas of clavitherapy” („Atlas klawiterapii”) was published, with the help of which you can restore any deficiencies in the quality and quantity of molecular endogenous factors and disordered submolecular drivers in the human body.

In my books: Klawiterapia indicating Atlas klawiterapii I present a simple and easy instruction of natural non-invasive method of controlling endogenous molecular factors and neurochemical submonecular drivers in preventing by planned stimulation (stimuli) in the natural way from described disease entities by the activation of dermovisceral, skin-internal processes, non-invasively.
By choosing the proper disease entity, with the gained method of prevention and illness control, in an easy way you can improve yours and your family’s health condition Especially for chronic disease entities which seriously destroy your body at all levels of endogenous (skin and connective tissue, nervous system, muscles, bones and periosteum) undermining the human immunological resistance, and when the contemporary medicine has no effective medicines for chronic diseases. As we know ordinated pharmaceutical drugs for chronic diseases have a very broad spectrum of adverse side effects for the emaciated by the illness with the weakened immune system of the human body. Moreover, the consultation with a doctor / specialist in Poland, is very remote in time.
For psychological personality disorders and emotional, neurotic disorders, as well as any addiction or psychosis, medication is not effective. However, current attempts to pharmacological treatment and psychotherapy require several months of therapy and even hospitalization, after which patients usually receive disability pensions and are generally ambulatorily “treated”?.
One should know that in my books, there is about 100 biocybernetic algorithms with network operations, biologically active points located in the dermatome, which can be effectively used for psycho-emotional disorders, neurotic disorders, psychiatric disorders' treatment.– So, if there are biologically active points through which we can eliminates difficult, drug resistant psycho-emotional, neurotic and psychotic disorders, it means that the problem is in the distorted production and deficiency of the molecular endogenous factors psychogenically conditioned, often encoded in DNA (RNA) programs in the nucleus of cells in the past generations activated by stresses, long-term frustration, strong and violent affection or psychological dissonance.

Much larger but similar problem is in the very large number of psychosomatic disorders, infections, such as ulcerative colitis and diseases, including hepatitis A.B.C. I possess the clinical documentation of cases with double blood tests in liquidation of hepatitis B and C with one's own selective antibodies, for each virus separately at the time of 7-10 days. And after the clavitherapy treatment the patient gets the blood examination in two different laboratories (of course, without giving details, that the elimination of virus was made by clavitherapy); similarly liquidation of anemia and leucopenia; demyelinating and peripheral neuropathy in disorders of nerve potentials in nerve conduction and stimulating lost nerve signal conduction in nerve fibers due to demyelination, with EMG clinical verification, so before the doctor decides to transplant an organ, he should perform in advance the test of stimulation or regulation of the nerve signals conduction by molecular therapy of dermovisceral biocybernetic clavitherapy. After several days, you may find that the organ recovered physiologically, and organ transplantation is unnecessary. Disorders of the heart and circulatory system, early diagnosis of cancer, including tumors and their elimination in 7-10 days with one's own antibodies and lymph system; ischemic stroke and recent hemorrhages in the brain (up to one week), any physical injuries,, posture correction: scoliosis, lateral curvature of spine (up to 30 degrees) straightens up in a few days thanks to the synergistic regulation of nerve potentials in pyramidal nerve fibers controlling dynamics of skeletal muscle; abolished lordosis restoration, each neuron has its own structure and function memory, and this is important in liquidation spinal atherosclerotic disc herniation with magnetic resonance imaging confirmation; and many other difficult, drug resistant health disorders. Moreover, effective removal of all types of pain, which is the harbinger of various health disorders.

This is an alternative method for improving human health, tested and verified with very good reviews by many doctors of different specializations, physiotherapists, etc. Therapists. Since 1988, I organize clavitherapy trainings for professional therapists : physician, physical therapy / physiotherapist, a clinical psychologist, physiologist, a molecular biologist, special education teacher, a nurse graduated from the Medical University, Department of Nursing, bioenergotherapist familiar with the anatomy and physiology, who voluntarily submits to a test by MMPI examination to exclude personality-characterological disorders.
In the attachment you may find the list of professional therapists, where hundreds were trained in Poland, Sweden, Norway and Canada, and the certificate of molecular methods in biocybernetic clavitherapy received so far less than 100 people. A large group of certified therapists works in sport clubs and has great therapeutic successes, especially in significant condition / capacity improvement and very effective elimination of injuries.

The RAC Reflexology Canada Conference, held in Montreal in 2008, was attended by more than 1000 different specialists, also from many other countries. Then during the workshop, I was given a patient (a nurse). She was 40 years old, when she was injured and after three neurosurgical surgeries she got implants stiffening the lumbar vertebrae of the sacral bone, she suffered from paraplegia (?) for 18 years, cold swollen legs without sensation, deep ischemia, for years completely disabled pyramidal nervous system in the sciatic nerve and sagittal fiber, no signs of terminal latency with inert foot as confirmed by clinical EMG, she was moving in a wheelchair. During the 5-day stay at the conference and the workshops in which I was assisted by about 100 professional therapists I made this woman stand, she regained full physiological efficiency of the lower limbs and independence of walking, even up the stairs. This improvement resulted in an incredible sensation in the world, described by Dr. Basil Pawluczuk (Biology) from the Canadian Institute of Molecular Biology and other editors writing in English and French for the prestigious monthly magazine RAC Reflexology Canada No. 1 in 2010. This publication reached many countries all over the world. Extensive articles titled KLAWITERAPIA (CLAVITHERAPY) also appeared in the weekly Canadian-American magazine, Głos Polski (The Polish Voice), number. 20, 11-18.05 2010, page 23 of a million copies, and also after my seminars, carried out in 7 cities on the East Coast of the United States, the information appeared in publications in American journals. Seminars are currently being prepared in the western states of the USA. On the web: www.klawiterapia.com there are given some information about my achievements expressed in press publications in Canada and the United States. After the conference in 2008, which was held in Canada, in recent years, I receive numerous invitations to the medical conferences organized in the USA, Canada, England, Australia, Japan, China, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria and Israel. – Read more in the opinion of neurologists (1999) about the results of improvement with neurophysiological rehabilitation of patients who are critically ill due to multiplet sclerosis (MS).

In order to teach thoroughly professional therapists the methods of clavitherapy, only several people can take part in the training (maximum 10 people).
Currently I have orders for professional therapists training in the United States, Canada, Argentina, India, Hungary and Romania. There are also conducted discussions with other countries. The training courses simultaneously streamline patients, cure (?) various difficult cases of disease. For more information about the method of molecular dermovisceral, biocybernetic clavitherapy can be found in „Descriptive and scientific justification of clavitherapy”. This publication and examples of effective clavitherapy in Poland, Canada, USA, Sweden, Belgium, are described in the mentioned website.

On 30th October 2005, on the occasion of 200 - anniversary of the Polish Medical Association, which has for many years monitored the effectiveness of klawiterapii, it issued a positive opinion on the method of molecular biocybernetric clavitherapy for: Minister of Health, the National Health Fund, the directors of specialized medical institutes subordinated to the Minister of Health, Medical Universities rectors, hospitals, clinical directors, managers clinics, sanatoriums, public benefit organizations and individuals involved in preventive measures and their dissemination.
Honourable, with high medical knowledge, bioethically sensitive with a huge social trust medical / physiological scientists, The members of the Plenum of the Polish Medical Association, the Chamber of Physicians, Specialized Medical Associations, who decide about forms and methods of repairing disturbed health in the community. As well you know dermovisceral molecular processes in biocybernetic reflexology performed in the clavitherapy method (stimulation with clavius, sharp instruments, well known toothpicks skin stimulation) are known and the knowledge through experiments and other studies is perfected for several centuries. It is so strange in the history of medical science, clinical neurophysiology, that when the human was fascinated by the achievements of the electron microscope,, extremely efficient dermovisceral processes in the biocybernetic control of the molecular drivers of endogenous submolecular factors in biocybernetic were unnoticed.
In The Centrum Klawiterapii – Źródło, there is a rich archive in clinical documentation including dual blood tests of patients suffering from severe diseases who regained full health without using drugs and with the treatments which was performed on a...chair for 7 - 10 days without the need for hospitalization.
Molecular method used in biocybernetic clavitherapy in no way violates the Medical law: physician diagnoses, there is no need for dispensing medication and it does not affect the continuity of the skin.
After a short training, GP while using books Klawiterapia with anatomic indication of Atlas Klawiterapii can easily unsubscribe prescription(?), …by drawing points with a marker on the patient's body in the form of the algorithm, with sequence and quality of daily stimulation of biologically active points during 7-10 days, and the patient will regain full health effectively. And in order to maintain the health efficiency, man should daily do the exercises developed in clavitherapy.
It is indicated for the prophylaxis of health to examine geological harmful radiation various chemical elements, strong high-frequency electromagnetic fields, water veins / Geopathogenous grid where you live, at work, hospital, school, farm, or the quality of water consumed.
Molecular method in implementation of dermovisceral clavitherapy will improve organizationally health service, multidimensionally improve public health and bring big financial savings. 
By recommending with full responsibility noninvasive and highly effective method of molecular, dermovisceral in biocybernetic clavitherapy - I send my best regards and I wish you a lot of success in self recovery and regeneration of impaired human body

If you find few moments I would like to recommend my new book, “EDEN OF THE XXI CENTURY”, posted on the website: www.klawiterapia.com, in which I describe existential dangers of human, flora and fauna due to degradation in the environment, climate. And also I give pragmatic and cheap methods, how to repair what man has destroyed in THE NATURE. ."...Taking care of the conditions of existence in harmony with NATURE, respect all the gift of life and let us be happy the happiness of others."

Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, the author

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