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prezentuje prostą i łatwą instrukcję naturalnej nieinwazyjnej metody molekularnej w dermovisceralnej (skórno-wewnętrznej) biocybernetycznej klawiterapii w zapobieganiu poprzez stymulację (bodżcowanie) w naturalny sposób 1100-u jednostkom chorobowym za pomocą odpowiednich algorytmów i sieci czynności do właściwych jednostek chorobowych. Wybierając właściwą jednostkę chorobową, za pomocą otrzymanego sposobu zapobiegania i zwalczania choroby, w szybki i łatwy sposób możesz poprawić własny stan zdrowia i swoich bliskich, bez potrzeby wykupywania drogich leków...

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Molecular medicine in biocibernetic reflexology method clavitherapy (non invasion)

Ferdynand Barbasiewicz

I would be grateful, if you could find a few minutes to read the attached document titled “Descriptive And Scientific Substantiation of Clavitherapy”, in which the described  lines of descent in the neurophysiologic rehabilitation lets you very confidently and in a short period of time (a few days), regulate nervous self potentials’ disorders. Furthermore, it is also possible to put into order the lost conductivity in the nerve fibers. Immediate effects gained from neurophysiologic rehabilitation can be easily verified by the regained physical fitness or with the clinical electromyography.

As you know nervous conductivity disorders are the health dysfunctions and pathology medicine-fast and rehabilitation-fast, moreover in the transplantation medicine they are the main reason of recoils. The next line of decent in the therapeutic treatment was elaborated and described for the earliest tumor diagnosis, the malicious tumors as well, and for the effective annihilation with the self antibodies in few days time. Therefore some important prophylactic recommendations are described and the efficient physical exercises in the clavitherapy are elaborated too.

Enclosed are some information about a modern method of Reflexotherapy named Clavitherapy. This genius method is now applied by some Polish Physicians and Therapists. It has become also popular in Canada. We would like to introduce it in your Institute. Please read the selected information given below and contact us Adviser Mian M. Musabbir MD, PhD

In the attachment I send the Polish version of the „ Descriptive and scientific substantiation of clavitherapy” which is more extensive.

Musabbir M. Mian, MD, PhD


Ferdynand Barbasiewicz

Dermovisceral biocybernetic reflexology (non invasion) method clavitherapy


Clavitherapy is a new diagnostic and therapeutic direction in Reflexology. The method was discovered in the 1960’s. The Polish psychologist, Dr Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, is the pioneer of this method. Mechanisms of Clavitherapy have a scientific basis. To use this method in diagnosis and therapy, detailed knowledge of human anatomy and nervous system, circulatory system and neurology is mandatory. The scientific basis of this method differs it from acupunctures or acupressure. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of Claviterapy are noninvasive and to date there is no contraindication to this method except: severe long-lasting under-nutritional conditions of patient susceptible to enzymic and metabolic collapse as well as patients with cardiac pace-maker and after organ transplantation. From the observation of the results of Clavitherapy in patients it becomes clear that the method is highly effective in the treatment of nervous system disorders among others: all kinds of pain - headache, rheumatoid pains, lumbago; vasomotor disorders like migraine, cold limbs; demyelinization neuropathy; polineuropathy; multiple sclerosis (MS), ischemic brain strokes; parkinsonism; functional disorders after neurosurgery, after accidents; movement disorders, defects like scoliosis. Promising results have been observed in the treatment of sclerosis lateralis amyotrophica, personality disorders, neurosis and in different infectious diseases.

Human beings, animals and plants have ability to self-regulations of their functions, to self-restore to health and sometimes self-regeneration of sick of even lost organs. Within thousands years of human existence on the earth mankind discovered many methods to help sick organism in fighting against diseases. At present widespread diagnostic and therapeutic methods are available like: official medicine, homeopathy, ayurveda, iridology, acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, quackery, magic…. Even now we are ignorant of mechanisms how homeopathic drugs do really work! though homeopathy is officially recognized, there is no laboratory proof of the therapeutic mechanisms of homeopathic drugs, but it does not overthrow however the theoretical foundation of homeopathic method.

Some thousand years ago in China a specific therapeutic system was constructed for the treatment of different illnesses by direct influence on skin. In China it was named "medicine of fire and metal" meanwhile in Europe it was only in the 19th century the matter of skin-visceral dependence in treatment of diseases of internal organs was taken in account and named this "acupuncture." This method works by needle sting of "points of acupuncture." In present day on the basis of acupuncture skin is treated by low temperature , electromagnetic field, acoustic waves, laser rays, electric currents, irritating substances etc. "Acupuncture" has been describing more and more new points on skin surface, which correspond to individual organs. Just such searches of new sensitive points of acupuncture on skin of man convinced the Polish scholar doctor Ferdynanda Barbasiewicza to brilliant conclusion about "Total Acupuncture" that is Clavitherapy. In this method in case of severe illnesses whole skin is submitted to the influence of clavics gradually keeping precise algorithm and network of bio-cybernetic functions.

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